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Based in Milwaukee, WI, Mary Ellen Pride is a top-rated psychic with a reputation for kindness and accuracy. For over thirty years, Mary Ellen has helped to guide clients through difficult choices. Perhaps you need clarity on a career choice or are troubled with relationship woes. It helps to have some guidance as you navigate the murky waters of your future. With kindness, accuracy, and honesty, Mary Ellen will help to answer your most difficult questions.

When should you see a psychic?

Whenever you have questions that you feel you would like a little extra guidance with. Usually, it is when you are facing life changes, relationship issues, or uncertainty in your future. A meeting with a psychic will help to illuminate your path.

Some of the top reasons people choose to see a psychic are:

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  • Weddings or deciding to marry
  • Should you or will you have children?
  • Career transitions
  • House purchases
  • Car purchases
  • Relationship compatibility
  • Financial questions
  • January - a general outlook for the whole year
  • To learn more about your astrological chart