What to Expect & Guidelines for a Great Reading

  • You are the main focus of the reading. The best readings happen when you spend much of your time listening versus talking. 
  • Unfortunately, disruptive children are not allowed. It is difficult for me to concentrate and for you to pay attention when a child requires attention. The clarity of your reading will be deeply affected.
  • Parental permission is required for a reading for someone under 18 years of age.  
  • Interrupting the reading with a multitude of questions can disrupt the insights that I am receiving. But don't worry! There is a time for your questions. Psychic reading is like following a thread in a tapestry. An interruption means the flow is disturbed. I may not be able to pick up where I was going with an issue. Once the initial reading is through, we will address your questions together.   
  • Please state your reason for the reading at the beginning of the session. It helps me to focus on the core issues.  
  • Rates are per person. 
  • Please consult the website map for directions. Unfortunately, calling for directions while you are in transit will often lead you to my voicemail. I am usually with the client appointment prior to your scheduled time and am unavailable to answer the phone. 
  • Be mindful of time. Arriving early will not mean that I can start the session earlier than the appointed time since I may be with another client. I understand that situations, such as traffic, may cause you to run late. Should you inform me of this I will try to work with you. However, being late cuts in the time allotted for your session.  
  • If you need to cancel your appointment, please notify me ASAP. Time is all we really have in our lives. When you schedule an appointment, my time is set aside for you. To not show up, and not notify me, means you have wasted an hour of my time. Should you fail to show up for your appointment with me without notifying me, I will not schedule future appointments with you.  
  • Be sober.  I will not do a reading for someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  
  • Do not eat during a session.  
  • Do not come for a reading if you are highly emotionally upset. Anger is hard to read through and we want to get as clear a picture as possible.
  • For phone consultations, please be in an area free from distractions. You will want to focus on the reading and take notes. 
  • Recording of your session is encouraged. Many cell phones have a record app or you are welcome to bring your own recording device. There is a lot of information which comes through in a reading. You will not remember it all. It is nice to be able to consult your reading further down the road.
  • Please do not call for additional clarification after the session is over. I see many clients a day and would hate to misinterpret the vision that came through in your reading.
  • Please do not call for "one quick question." Questions are often complex. Please schedule an appointment and I am happy to spend time with your questions.  
  • I do not answer the phone while I am in session. Please leave a message. Most calls are returned within 48 hours.  

Read on to learn about psychic scams. 


Psychic Scams

I often receive inquiries from people who have gone to a psychic and have been told that there is a dark cloud, a negative energy, a curse, or a family curse which is affecting them. The psychic then tells the person that the "curse" can be removed but it will cost $100-$500. Often the psychic claims that special oils or crystals are needed to remove the curse and that if the customer does not have the cleansing performed then something bad will happen to them and they will never be happy. Additionally, the person is often told that they have to come back every week. The "psychic" then claims that more work needs to be done with the "cleansing." People have been swindled out of thousands of dollars by this method. 

This is known as the gypsy psychic scam and has been around for decades. (Read more about it at gypsypsychicscams.com). In my opinion, the person has received a scaring and not a reading. This behavior is highly unethical. Should you encounter a similar situation, walk away. Do not give them any more of your attention or your money.  

The study of one's astrological chart can indicate if a person is going through a difficult astrological time or if they have truly been cursed. Usually it is the former. 

Do curses, hexes, and magical spells work? Yes, if done properly. I have seen an increase in the use of magic over the past twenty years. There are ways to counteract this energy. I do not perform cleansing or do spells for people. However, I will tell you what to do or refer you to the proper resources.